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Maria and Val Welcome You to the Truth Serum: Maria & Val

Updated: Aug 4, 2019

What is the Truth Serum?

Welcome to the blog post for the Truth Serum: Maria and Val.

Val & Maria
Val & Maria Welcome You to the Truth Serum Blog & YouTube Channel

Have you every wondered why the women in the magazines, on TV, on YouTube don't really look like anyone you can relate to?

You may be wondering just what this Truth Serum is all about. As Maria explains, "Simply stated:  We are not dead.  Sadly, Marketers and Advertisers show us daily we are.  Instilling the ‘not good enough’ "you-should-look-younger" feeling through all forms of social media and external media.  They couldn’t be more wrong!  I am 55 and ALIVE.  We are vibrant, intelligent, sexy woman that embrace aging, love sex, still scream at our kids and on occasion make dinner versus taking it out of a box."  

Knock, Knock Advertisers, we are still relevant and we are more comfortable in our aging skin than you realize.
We can't be alone in this thought. What do you think?

Do You Feel Like We Do?

Everywhere we looked, women over a certain age are ignored by advertisers and marketers. Do you see it too? We are bombarded with images of women - who are "supposed" to be our age - but clearly are not.

They are airbrushed. They are photo-shopped. They are softened to hide the wrinkles. To hid the scars. To hide the sun spots. To hide their authentic selves. To hide their lives and hide their stories of who they are.

I doubt we are alone in our feelings here!

So, we got tired of advertisers diss'n us and misunderstanding us. We got tired of the feeling

- Not pretty enough (we have wrinkles, duh)

- Not skinny enough (we aren't size 2's - and we don't hate those women who are)

- Not smart enough (the % of woman earning master degrees is now higher than men)

- Not earning enough (women still earn 78-82% less than men for the same job)

- Not great housekeepers (the Donna Reed show was over is 1966) (Ps - I love the Donna Reed show.)

Val & Maria created the Truth Serum YouTube Channel for people feeling relevant and strong in their age over 40, over 50, over 60, over 70 still and beyond! #wearenotdeadyet

YouTube Channel Direct Link: http://bit.ly/subscribetotruth

Connect with us - Subscribe to the YouTube Channel.

Visit our website at: Truthserummv.com

Email us at: Truthserummv@gmail.com

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