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Describing Val is like trying to describe the elements in nature

Welcome to Val's World

Val  is an accomplished vocalist, musical artist and entertainer.


  She is a musician, arranger and producer of musical entertainment shows.


   With witty humor and her theateratrical  stage presence Val tastefully engages with her audience.

International Performer


Working with the USO and Department of Defense Overseas Entertainment Office, Valerie  has performed for tens of thousands of military troupes and their families in 10 different countries including Iceland, Holland, Turkey, Italy, Greece, Spain and Scotland. 



Performance highlights include “The World’s Fair” in Seville Spain; “Olympics” in Barcelona, Spain.  Traveled exclusively with a 5-woman show called “The Liberty Misses.”  The Liberty Miss Team solely produced, choreographed and musically directed over a dozen medleys to include music of all genres such as:  Diana Ross and the Supremes; Country; 50’s and 60’s, Pop/Rap/Contemporary; Armed Forces; and Classic Rock and Roll.

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