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~on Blog: "Reflections on Transitions-From an Entertainers Perspective." ~

 I read your post last night and again today.

There are so many sides to Val

but your writing takes you deep to the center of your heart. 


You have an amazing ability to translate your thoughts and feelings into a well orchestrated composition.  I truly enjoy reading what you have taken from pen to paper. Thanks for taking the time to write and share your post.

-Kelley K., CT

~on Blog "Reflections on Transitions-From an Entertainers Perspective"~


Val, I just finished reading your article.  WOW. 


I did not realize you had this talent as well.  You certainly put forth your thoughts and message. 


I “got it”, I understood it, I’ve experienced similar things, but here it was in words. 


I thank you for sharing, also for giving me another perspective on some things  so common to each of us. 

-Elly C, Waterford, CT

~on Blog "Reflections on Transitions-From an Entertainers Perspective"~

This was so beautifully written.


And I could hear your voice all over it, as a former theater thespian myself I totally relate to the like and love your cast mates yet really don’t know them at all.


We all wear the mask especially on stage. I have a whole new understanding of your transition resistance now lol -wanting to enjoy the present moment just that much.


Shows why you have such a special way of making people feel like YOU SEE THEM!!


You actually experience people not just engage with them. 

I am proud you shared your voice and that you were inspired by Paul to do so. That’s truly what soul connections are. You can KNOW someone “well” for years and be forgotten quickly. And you can know someone for a minute and be impacted by their memory for the rest of your life. Your words are wonderful and I look forward to your next blog  thanks for sharing!

-Sabrina J, New Jersey

~on Episode 39 & 40:

Your Kids & Vaping~


You girls rock! I wish more adults would have these conversations (no judgement). And also understand that the companies that created these products is no different than the days of Big Tobacco. They knew very well what they were doing - getting them hooked at a young age to be longtime users ($$$).  

-Karen C. CT

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