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How it all began

Maria and Val met in 1989 but their friendship was not "love at first sight".  Their friendship bloomed, developed and blossomed during their performing days in the USO overseas traveling group called  the Liberty Misses.  After the tours, along with their friends, they naturally kept gravitating back to each other.  

Over the decades they have shared, cried, laughed, and loved in life's journeys of marriages, houses, kids, friends, parents, death, divorce, illness, careers, vacations and so much more!

We believe all women can embrace their authentic selves,
can define their future, and can change the world by speaking their truth.

Our Mission


  • SHARE with YOU our intelligent, fun experienced truth;

  • NOT to be FORGOTTEN;

  • LISTEN to the stories of our like-minded friends;

  • SUPPORT them in their own journeys with NO JUDGEMENT;

  • LAUGH and LOVE at our experiences with each other;

  • SPEAK-UP to be heard 

Our Mission

Our Vision

Is to share with women our joy of life through our stories of friendship.


Learn more about Maria


Learn more about Val

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